Join us and become the part of our company

We are the stable employer

  • We are private Czech company with the focus on the friendly atmosphere, team spirit and personal approach to the employees
  • We use the modern technologies in the production.
  • We are the team of enthusiastic professionals in our field of work .


The questionnaire of job candidate


Employee´s perks

Financial benefits

  • Employee´s surcharges for afternoon, night and weekend shifts
  • Bonuses for innovative ideas, cleanliness, 5S, coaching etc.
  • Recruitment surcharge
  • 1,5 extra salaries
  • Shares of profit and KPIs
  • Bonuses in the life anniversaries, retirements
  • Free courses and education for improving the job

Social benefits

  • 7,5 or 11 working hours
  • 1 extra week of holiday for all employees and 1 more extra week of holiday for 12-hours shifts
  • 1 extra free day fully paid for 12-hours shifts if no sick-leave in previous year
  • Bonus on the transport costs for 12-hours shifts
  • Life insurance for employees working in our company for more than 5 years
  • Company catering with the costs share from the employer
  • Possibility to provide the company loan with zero interest
  • Partial financial support of company for team building activities
  • Organization of culture activities with the partial financial support of company
  • Vouchers for massage, swimming pools, gyms etc.
  • Christmas package

For currently open positions, please see the Czech version.

However, if you think that we should be interested you, please let us know about you.